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Oct 27 2011

More Poems from Bloom’s Crew

Gone By Kenayah Gone too soon Now where’s my full moon? You died from a serious disease My pain, I need some comfort to ease We spent 3 days together Oh man, I wish it last forever People dying I don’t care, nope I won’t be going to be crying When you left for the…

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Power By Breanna You got the Power to do anything. Sometimes you use that Power for horrible things. You can use you Power for your safety, education, for your life. Power means if you have a problem today plan on whatever you think is best to do. You have the Power to make yourself a…

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Jul 22 2011

My Perfect Day by Donovan, 3rd grade

My Perfect Day By Donovan, 3rd grade On my perfect day I want to be king for one day. I will prevent innocent civilians and make sure gangs and guns are no longer welcome in the United States or the world. Then I will go with my family and have a great time with my…

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Jul 13 2011

Days Like These

It’s days like these that you sometimes question yourself. It’s days like these that you wonder if you are failing your kids. It’s days like these that you wonder if you are cut out for this. It’s days like these you wonder why you stay up until 2 am lesson planning. It’s days like these…

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Induction is over and the long anticipated craziness that is institute starts tomorrow.  One session that stuck out to me this past week was regarding visions and goals: for myself, my students, and my classroom. What is the difference between a classroom that has a vision and one that does not?  As a current corps…

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Jun 16 2011

Lessons from day one…

Learning “the look” and other advice from day 1: Be clear, consistent, positive, and firm. Give clear expectations and follow through. Mean what you say, say what you mean. Use positive reinforcement and celebrate successes. Draw the line. The line is not up for debate. Don’t engage in where the line should be. You will…

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Jun 16 2011

Ready or Not….

It’s official…I am on my way to becoming Ms. Bloom! Can’t believe the day has finally arrived!  I have decided to create a blog about some highlights of my experiences transforming into an educator.  I have no doubt there will be challenges, hurdles, excitement, joy, sorrow, disappointment, and hope.  I hope to use this blog…

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