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Oct 27 2011

More Poems from Bloom’s Crew


By Kenayah

Gone too soon

Now where’s my full moon?

You died from a serious disease

My pain, I need some comfort to ease

We spent 3 days together

Oh man, I wish it last forever

People dying

I don’t care, nope I won’t be going to be crying

When you left for the light

That day I learned to treat people right.

Now when someone else is dying

You can ease my hurt and crying

I learned to love and respect

And that I will never forget.

My Teacher

By Nayeli

My teacher is nice,

She teaches students new lessons. Gives treats to all students who do their work.

Whenever there is a problem she’s always there for you to help you.

My teacher is awesome in different ways…

That teacher I’m talking about is Ms. Bloom, who tells students never give up on your dreams, have faith on what’s going to happen.

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